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Save £100,000's with Advanced Utilisation Analysis

Applying Utilisation Increase techniques to bookable space using Room Booking systems.

Some observations and conclusions on Utilisation Increase techniques from industry professionals:

If a Room Utilisation Increase project has not been applied, a 15% increase in utilisation is always possible, due to a tendency of staff to book rooms which may be needed and turn out not to be, and to forget to cancel or be unable to cancel. The 15% utilisation increase is achieved with a combination of general automation, no-show tracking, automatic reminders, and required check-in.

The 15% increase in utilisation leads to a 15% reduction in full-service space costs by allowing a fixed number of staff to need 15% less space for their meetings, hot-desk use, conferences, etc., or for a fixed amount of space to support 15% more staff.

If a medium-sized company with several thousands of staff frees up a space represented by a 25-by-35-foot conference room, the annual savings at £100 per-square-foot-per-year is £87,500.

One consultative team worked with a globally-known financial services corporation, and a whole floor of a Central London high-rise was freed up using utilisation increase techniques. The annual reduction in full-service space costs was over £1.5m.

A key to successful Room Utilisation Increase projects is a clear understanding of room utilisation before each technique is applied. Not all techniques have to be applied at the same time, with required check-in, such as by mobile phone and QR Code, or via door console hardware, being the last, due to the likely required change in culture.